Pueblo Green Chili

Pueblo, Colorado is home to some of the best green chili. Mauro’s Kitchen is one of Pueblo’s best examples and providers.

Green chili is usually made with pork, chicken, or chopped or ground beef. Some common ingredients that are added are chili peppers, onions, cumin, garlic, tomatoes, and beans. Green chili can be made spicy or mild and is always unique. Mauro’s Kitchen’s green chili contains just the right amount of spice and flavor. It is a recipe that has thus been perfected.

When it comes to green chili, there are endless types of ingredients you can use. Wikipedia says, “Chili pepper pods, which are berries, are used fresh or dried. (Chiles are often dried to preserve them for long periods of time. Preserving may also be done by pickling fresh chilies.) Dried chilies are often ground to powders, although some Mexican dishes including variations on chilies rellenos may use whole reconstituted chilies, and others may reconstitute dried chilies before grinding to a paste. Chilies may be dried using smoke, such as the chipotle, which is the smoked, dried form of the jalapeño. Many fresh chilies such as poblano have a tough outer skin which does not break down on cooking. For recipes where chilies are used whole or in large slices, roasting, or other means of blistering or charring the skin are usually performed so as not to entirely cook the flesh beneath. When cooled, the skins will usually slip off easily. Chili pepper plant leaves, mildly bitter but nowhere near as hot as the fruits that come from the same plant, are cooked as greens in Filipino cuisine, where they are called dahon ng sili (literally “chili leaves”). Chili is by far the most important fruit in Bhutan. Local markets are never without chili, always teemed with different colors and sizes, in fresh and dried form. Chili is also an important ingredient in almost all curries and food recipes in the country.”

“The roasting process is very simple. First, put on gloves and avoid contact with your eyes or other sensitive areas. Wash the chilies and take out the seeds and membranes with a spoon. Roast the chilies until the outside layer is blistered and mostly black. Continue this until all sides are evenly roasted. Done! Your chilies are ready to freeze or be cooked into your meal.” Cheyenne.

Mauro’s Kitchen’s green chili can be ordered by calling and having it delivered. Our green chili is supplied in quarts and is very handy to have around. This green chili is unique and has a wonderful homemade flavor. Purchasing our green chili is easy and because it is so delicious you will want to have some stocked up. It is perfect to add to homemade meals or have as a snack.

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